It's Like "Magic: The Gathering"
Meets SEO.

SERPs & Spyders is an SEO toolbox and collectable card game you can...

  • • Play head-to-head against your friends

  • • Use for reference or learning

  • • Have FUN dominating the search engines

  • Buy SERPs & Spyders game pack 1, game pack 2 or game pack 3 today at gc

  • Every card has a unique SEO tactic!

Three Game Packs Available

There are 10 cards plus a SERP Tracker card (seen to your left) in each pack. Each beautifully designed card has a different potent SEO tactic

Some cards reveal geo-local SEO tactics. Other SEO tactics leverage social media. Every card has a different strength and rarity.

Each pack is only $5.99. There are 3 game packs available at the moment..

New Evernote version available, only $5.99. Learn more here [PDF]


Cards feature SEO tips from DuckDuckGo, Blekko and Wolfram|Alpha.


This game is designed for nerds, and requires a decent knowledge of HTML.